Saturday, August 15, 2009

(Tips) AS/400 Built In Functions %Equal

%EQUAL (Return Exact Match Condition)
%EQUAL returns ’1’ if the most recent relevant operation found an exact match;
otherwise, it returns ’0’.

The operations that set %EQUAL are:
“SETLL (Set Lower Limit)”
“LOOKUP (Look Up a Table or Array Element)”

If %EQUAL is used without the optional file_name parameter, then it returns the
value set for the most recent relevant operation.

For the SETLL operation, this function returns ’1’ if a record is present whose key
or relative record number is equal to the search argument.

For the LOOKUP operation with the EQ indicator specified, this function returns
’1’ if an element is found that exactly matches the search argument.

If a file name is specified, this function applies to the most recent SETLL operation
for the specified file.


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