Thursday, December 10, 2009

(Q&A) How To Display Library Contents Using CL?

(From : aaaadddd1)

Does anyone knows a process or CL that uses DSPLIB to display the contents of a library and their attributes, such as their size and last used date, followed by creating a file that I can query against?

My goal is to first list the name, last used date and size of all objects in a production library and delete objects that have not been used in more than a year.

You can do this by using:

MYLIBRARY - the desired library.
MYFILE - Outfile Filename.

You can use these fields as reference:
ODLBNM - Libray
ODOBNM - Object Name
ODOBTP - Object Type
ODOBSZ - Object Size
ODCDAT - Creation Date
ODCTIM - Creation Time
ODOBOW - Object Owner
ODLDAT - Change Date
ODLTIM - Change Time

I hope this will help you.

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