Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(Q&A) SAVLIB Error

I would like to know how to not encounter error when using savlib command
SAVLIB LIB(&LIBL) the &LIBL: as the parm and has 500 length (ex. 10 libraries inside)..
in the command prompt when SAVLIB is used:

LIB should appear as this :
but.. when the RPG calls the CL it becomes
'MLIB XLIB SLIB' -- it is transferred as one constant how can i pass the parameter and let the command be as shown as above ?

(From : Lui)

You can use QCMDEXC to run the command. Your command string parameter should contain: "SAVLIB LIB(LUILIB LEALIB XXXLIB)", you can obtain this by using series of string manipulation command then don't forget to pass the command string length.

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