Monday, June 15, 2009

(FAQ) How To Search String Using FNDSTRPDM

By using the FNDSTRPDM command, you can bypass the Work with Members Using
PDM display and the Work with Objects Using PDM display and proceed directly
with the search.

To search for the character string Invoice in library ATEST in file DDSSRC
from the Find String Using PDM (FNDSTRPDM) display:

1. Type FNDSTRPDM on any command line.

2. Press F4 (Prompt). The Find String Using PDM display appears.

3. Type the string of characters, surrounded by quotation marks, that you
want PDM to search for in the Find 'string' prompt. For this example,
type 'Invoice' in the Find 'string' prompt.

4. Type the library, file, and member to be searched. To search for
additional members, type + on the line beneath the member line, and
spaces for additional members appear. For this example, search for
*ALL members in the file DDSSRC in library ATEST.

5. Type the option of the function that you want to perform on the
members containing the string in the Option prompt. To display the
description, type *DSPD in this prompt.

6. Type *PROMPT in the Prompt field to show an entry display for the
command chosen in the Option prompt every time a match is found for
the Find string.

7. Press F10 (Additional parameters) to see the remaining Find string

8. Type 1 in the From column prompt, *RCDLEN in the To column prompt, and
*IGNORE in the Kind of match prompt.

Press Page Down (Roll Up) to enter all the remaining values, and press

When a match is found, the appropriate display for the option chosen
appears. For this example, when the string Invoice is found, the
Display Member Description display appears.


  1. How can we do this in batch?

  2. Hi I would like to know how can i do, to replace this string with a new value everywhere is found. Thanks