Thursday, June 25, 2009

(Tutorial : AS400) Chapter 2 - Commands

In AS/400 the commands can be executed from the system prompt. You can find it on the lower part of the screen.

Underneath the system prompt there is usually a list of function keys with tasks specific to the menu you are currently in.

Place the cursor at the prompt line,type GO and then press F4. A new screen will appear, specific to the GO command, where you can define all the options for this command.The F4 key can help you complete the syntax of most AS/400 commands.

Type MAJOR on the “Menu” option and press Enter. This shows the same result as typing GO MAJOR in the command line. This command shows you a list with the most important commands in AS/400.

The word “More...” on the bottom-right side of the list shows that there are lines that aren't visible. You can see these lines by pushing Page Down or using the mouse scroll.

Place the cursor on top of any of the options on the list and press F1. A window will appear with help about the option you chose. You can use this feature in most of the menus and applications. To close the help window press F3.

You can choose an option by typing its number on the prompt and pressing Enter.

Let's go back to the start screen. Press F3.

Command Syntax:
AS/400 commands usually have two parts (often with three letters each):a verb and a noun. For instance, CTRLIB is the create library command and it has a verb CRT (create) and a noun LIB (library). There are some exceptions, like the GO command we saw earlier. In the following list you can see frequently used command verbs and nouns.

---- -------
CPY - Copy
DSP - Display
DLT - Delete
WRK - Work

---- -------
DEV - Device
F - File
MSG - Message
SPLF - Spool File

If you can't remember a command syntax, use the command GO VERB, which will show you a list of commands ordered by their functions.

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