Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(AS/400 For Dummies) AS/400 Libraries

In AS400, libraries are very important to one's AS/400 job. Each AS/400 job has it own library lists. A library list is an ordered list of library names. It identifies the libraries that a user can use within a job and it also sequentially orders library priority.

By default, user only have the following system defined libraries to work on.


We can use ADLIBLE or EDTLIBL to add user defined libraries.

Here's a list of commands that we can use to manipulate libraries.
1) DSPLIBL - it displays current library list.

2) CHGLIBL - it is used to change user portion of the current job's library list.

3) ADDLIBLE - adds single library to user portion of the library list.

4) RMVLIBLE - removes single library from the user portion of the library list.

5) EDTLIBL - It displays current library list and it also allows the user to make changes in the user portion of the library list.

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