Friday, July 17, 2009

(AS/400 For Dummies) Creating Your First Library

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the AS/400 environment, let us try to create your personal library.

In the command line just type CRTLIB then press F4 key. Your screen should look like this:

We just need to supply the following parameters: Library (LIB), Library Type (TYPE) and Text Description (TEXT).
a) LIB, input the desired library name.
b) TYPE, input *TEST, since this is just a test library.
c) TEXT, input the description of your library.

See sample inputted parameter values:

After you are done setting up the parameters just press ENTER key. You now have created your first library.

You can also create the library using this command (w/o prompt screen):

You can check if the library was successfully created by using WRKOBJ command.

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