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(iSeries Blunders) Part II

August 22nd, 2005 by ReiVi
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Have you ever worked on two programs at the same time? You are coding this current requirement when a user comes up to you from behind and blurts out, “Can you fix this? We just need an additional column on the report. My boss needed it yesterday.” Sound familiar? Knowing that it won’t take you an hour to do the modification, you agree.

Now, the thing here is, you are using a dumb terminal. Since you don’t want to exit your current task and mess up all the library list settings and stuff, you decide to use the dumb terminal next to it. You open the code up in SEU and start coding.

All of a sudden, you remembered the user never gave you the change request form. Your boss gave everyone a briefing on the subject just the other day. Setting, the keyboard aside, you call the user and request for the necessary paperwork.

While waiting for the change request to arrive, you decide to go back to your original task. Reaching for the keyboard, you start to type. But nothing happens. You hit the reset key. Still nothing. In desperation you start hitting random keys with your fingers like you are touch typist gone mad! Nothing’s happening.

“Oh no! I haven’t even saved my work yet! That’s almost a half-day’s work!”, you murmur to yourself.

As you hang your head, you glance at the other terminal and notice that the screen is garbled. What used to be code is now a jumbled mess of letters and numbers!

“What happened?”, you ask yourself in horror.

Tracing the cable of the keyboard you are using, you realize that you were using the keyboard for the other terminal!

“This has got to be the worse day in my life. Now I messed up two program codes!”

With a prayer you press F5 to refresh the screen.

The jumbled screen refreshes and you see your code, you say a short prayer thanking the heavens for your good fortune. Just then the user arrives with the change request.

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